"Sensitive is a super power" -  I just read this phrase in the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Since I was a little girl I've always felt too sensitive, mis-understood and told to calm down. It really wasn't until the last few months, just before turning 40. That I finally get it, that this is my greatest gift. To see, feel and hear everything around me. Because of this I am more in tune with the world around me and is one of the biggest contributors to my creative process. Being able to sense the moments, understand clients on a deeper level allows me to lead our team to capture the truly important moments. I love helping couples imagine how they want to experience their wedding day, and not just the shot list.

I've always loved traveling anywhere where I can people watch - NYC, Paris, London are my favorites. The city inspires me and brings me life. Most of the way I direct people into "poses" is because I saw other couples naturally in these moments walking through the streets, and more than wanting to capture a pose, I want to create a moment, an experience to capture. I am infatuated with  love & life, living it and watching people live it everyday, even in just the small moments. Walking around the neighborhood early in the morning as the lights start to pop on, people turning on the coffee pots, letting the dogs out, getting their kids off to school.

The changes of seasons, as everyone emerges on the first warm day of summer, and cozies up to outdoor fires in the fall. Getting to travel the world, I've witnessed all kinds of different people. The one thing I've learned is, we are all the same in that we are trying to find meaning, purpose, joy and love in our lives. Each of us centered in our own experiences, but with the same goals in mind. It's the people, the human interaction and the energy of the world that inspires me. I hope to contribute to making this a more beautiful place to be. 

As we grow over the next few years, I want to not just make an impact on our couples and families. But, also to help other creatives to find their voice, their purpose, develop lives and businesses that inspire, through one on one coaching and workshops.

Which lead me to changing the brand name to - inly - inwardly, intimately & deeply.

-Glennon Doyle 

You are not crazy. You are a gd Cheetah.

from Amanda,

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