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Why do I need a mindset coach to help me with my photography business? 

HI Amanda, founder of Inly, previously Amanda Dumouchelle Photography a multi 6 figure photography business and now a Self Discovery and Mindset Coach for women. Over a decade of experience capturing 250+ weddings, 100+ films, 1000s of families, traveling internationally and published in books and magazines! Now living in Japan, helping woman world wide transform their careers and their lives.

Many photographers just stumble into business. You picked up a camera, you love taking photos, you are so grateful that someone pays you, and the next thing you know you haven’t really set up your business, you have worked yourself to complete burn out, struggling with anxiety, depression, over working and more. Hiding behind insecurities, afraid to raise pricing, afraid to really put yourself out there. I am here to help you step out of the lack mindset, tap into your superpowers, raise your vibration for abundance and help you start living the life you dreamt of when you first decided to make this leap into being a photographer. 
Don't give up on your dream. You got this! 

Mindset and Business Coaching for Photographers


Detroit WEdding Photographer

ARTFULLY CAPTURING your all-consuming LOVE

A natural, INTIMATE, intentional approach to capturing the beautiful wedding PHOTOS

The direction is intimate and romantic, the editing style natural and bright. We lead with our eyes and hearts open to capture every moment as it unfolds while applying our expertise to guide you through the wedding experience.


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Inly: (in-lee) inwardly, intimately & deeply.
We are narrators of life's milestones & leaders that inspire.

Inly is a Detroit based, woman-owned Wedding Photography brand, specializing in photographing Detroit and Michigan-based weddings.  We also offer coaching and education for photographers and creatives who want sustainable full-filling businesses while avoiding burn out.  

BECAUSE you deserve to FALL in LOVE with your wedding photos

If you are madly in love, can't wait to have THE most fun on your wedding day, want your story told intentionally by a team who only wants to do the absolute best for you...

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We got you

With over 400 weddings photographed between us in the last 10 years, we bring an expertise to the day that is unparalleled.  

+ Stress free wedding days
+ Organic & Candid Directing 
+ Natural & BRight editing